Case description

Practical example (the figures are theoretical, as are the underlying values)

This example is the same case used in the example of the settlement for the
"benefit scheme of several companies".

The Bürgi Carpentry Works of Hasle has affiliated to the "Holz Burgdorf" benefit foundation and to the Emmental Trades benefit scheme in Langnau for the provision of compulsory benefits.

Complete SF3

For the purpose of calculating the subsidy for the Bürgi Carpentry Works in Hasle, the "Holz Burgdorf" benefit foundation and the Emmental Trades benefit scheme must indicate the coordinated wages of the employees ensured by them in Section 2.2.1 and the corresponding pension credits in Section 2.5.1 of form SF2.

The two involved benefit schemes must complete form SF3 for this company and send it to the employer.

  • In columns 1 – 4, enter the information taken from the auxiliary form and supplement with the calculation of 14% and any applicable subsidy.
  • The benefit scheme and its audit body must now sign.

The same form is to be completed by the Emmental Trades benefit scheme for this employer.

Complete SF4

  • The Bürgi Carpentry Works must request a notification and settlement form from the Guarantee Fund for subsidies for employers with several benefit schemes (Form SF4) and enter the information received from the two benefit schemes.
  • The data from Form SF3 of the Burgdorf Timber occupational benefit scheme taken from Form SF3 are transferred to line 1, followed on the next line by the figures for the Emmental Trades benefit scheme.
  • Columns 1 – 3 are added together and the overall subsidy ascertained by a cross-subtraction.
  • Signature of employer

Where a subsidy is payable, as is the case here, the form with the notifications of the benefit schemes must be sent directly to the Guarantee Fund. This calculates the subsidy for the individual benefit schemes and transfers it directly to the corresponding benefit scheme(s) in favour of the employer concerned.