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Formulaire d’inscription / de mutation concernant la personne de contact pour l’annonce à la Centrale du 2e pilier C e n t r a l e   d u   2 ème  p i l i e r Formulaire de contact SF-FK-ZS-FR Page…  
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Facts and figures 2020 Contributions and Subsidies Assessment year 2019 saw the first application of the contribution rate of 0.12 % of the LOB-coordinated wages pro rata. Contributions worth…  
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Supervision Supervisory Authority Commission of the High Supervision LOB OPSC Seilerstrasse 8 P.O. Box 7461 3001 Bern Tel +41 (0)31 322 48 25 Fax +41 (0)31 322 26 96 …  
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Public transport From Bern main station tram no. 3 (Weissenbühl), 4 stops to "Eigerplatz" stop. Our offices are located on the right-hand side, above the Peugeot/Emil Frey garage. Please use…  
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The current members of the Managing Committee are: Chairman Christoph Ryter, ASIP Swiss Pension Fund Association, Zurich Members Patrick Barblan, Swiss Insurance Association, Zurich …  
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