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1. Facts and figures 2022  
Facts and figures 2023 Contributions and Subsidies Assessment year 2022 saw the fourth application of the contribution rate of 0.12 % of the LOB-coordinated wages pro rata. Contributions worth…  
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3. Contribution Rates 2024  
At the request of the Board of Trustees of the Guarantee Fund, the Federal Occupational Pensions Regulatory Commission (OAK BV) has approved the following contribution rates for the assessment year…  
4. Change in Executive Management  
After twenty years, Daniel Dürr will hand over the Management of the Implementing Office of the Guarantee Fund to Cinzia Corchia at the end of May 2023. He will continue to handle special tasks for…  
5. 2022 Annual Report Online  
You can access the Annual Report online. As of this year, we are no longer publishing a printed report. Last year, our activities focused on the 2nd Pillar Central Office with 140,000 answered…  
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