Business Office

By an agreement of 16 December 1985, the Foundation Board of the Guarantee Fund asked the Union for the Implementation of the LOB Guarantee Fund to set up and operate the Business Office. The Union currently has the following members:

  • Swiss Pension Fund Association (ASIP)
  • Swiss Insurance Association (SVV)
  • Union of the Association of Compensation Funds

The Union conducts its business through a Managing Committee (MC). The MC meets as often as business requires. It takes care of technical advice for the Implementation Office. At present three representatives of ASIP, two representatives of SVV and one representative of the Union of the Association of Compensation Funds.

The current members of the Managing Committee are:


  • Christoph Ryter,
    ASIP Swiss Pension Fund Association, Zurich


  • Patrick Barblan,
    Swiss Insurance Association, Zurich
  • Dr. Urs Fischer,
    Union of the Association of Equalisation Funds, Zurich
  • Hanspeter Konrad,
    ASIP Swiss Pension Fund Association, Zurich
  • Emmanuel Vauclair,
    ASIP Swiss Pension Fund Association, Berne
  • Walter Zandona, 
    Swiss Insurance Association, Zurich

LOB Guarantee Fund

Business Office
P.O. Box 1023
3000 Berne 14
Tel: +41 31 380 79 71
Fax: +41 31 380 79 76

2nd Pillar Central Office

Tel: +41 31 380 79 75
Fax: +41 31 380 79 76

Responsible Account Manager

  • Cinzia Corchia, Advocate

Deputy Manager

  • Beat Christen, Advocate

Head of Legal Services

  • Sven Fischer, Dr. iur., Jurist

Head of Finance and Accounting

  • Peter Gasser, Certified accountant

Persons with autority to sign

  • Daniel Dürr, Chartered Pension Fund Manager
  • Christian Lopez, Chartered Pension Fund Manager
  • Silvia Corchia, Chartered Pension Fund Manager
  • Daniela Foffa, Advocate
  • Sandra Boppart, Historian
  • Sibylle Grosjean, Advocate
  • Tamara Varela, Social insurance  specialist with Federal Diploma of Higher Education
  • Soraya Di Bucchianico Franzin, Social insurance executive clerk
  • Martina Poschung, Commercial employee CFC
  • Selina Zompicchiatti, Jurist
  • Nathalie von Büren, Commercial employee
  • Laetitia Franck Sovilla, Dr. iur., Jurist

The Business Office manages the Guarantee Fund and represents it externally. It undertakes the following specific tasks, provided that the Foundation Board does not delegate them to third parties:

  • The conduct of day-to-day business and the keeping of accounts,
  • managing the Guarantee Fund's assets in accordance with the guidelines given by the Foundation Board,
  • preparing the annual report and annual financial statements for the attention of the Foundation Board,
  • preparing the budget, including proposed contribution rates for the following business year,
  • advising the Foundation Board,
  • any other tasks assigned by the Foundation Board.

The Managing Committee has entrusted the tasks of the Business Office to ATAG Economical Organisation Ltd.