The LOB Guarantee Fund will collect the supervision contribution from the Occupational Pension Supervisory Commission (OPSC) for the first time for the 2024 financial year.

The contribution is financed by all pension funds subject to the FZG (vested benefits act) and is part of the contributions for insolvency benefits and other benefits (Art. 16 SFV). From July 2024, pension funds will be able to request additional information from the Central Compensation Office of the AHV (CCO) via the LOB Guarantee Fund based on Art. 58a LOB information on benefit entitlements.


New provisions on pension sharing on divorce take effect as of 1 January 2017. Pension funds and vested benefits institutions are newly required to notify the 2nd Pillar Central Office every January all holders of pension assets under their management in December.


The first revised text of the LOB stipulates that credit balances held in portable schemes which have not been claimed within a time limit of 10 years after the normal retirement age are to be transferred to the Guarantee Fund. The Guarantee Fund uses these credit balances to finance th 2th Pillar Central Office. The Guarantee Fund is also required to refund to the AHV Equalization Funds the costs incurred by them for the purpose of checking employers' LOB affiliation.


The Guarantee Fund became the liaison office for occupational benefits under the bilateral agreements with the Member States of the EU and EFTA (European Free Trade Association).


Entry into force for the year 2000 of the contribution system introduced with the extension of insolvency cover; under this new system, no longer just the registered benefit schemes but all those governed by the Vesting Law pay contributions to the Guarantee Fund. Two separate contributions are levied; apart from the coordinated salaries, leaving benefits and pension benefits are now also the basis of assessment.


With effect from 1 May 1999, the Guarantee Fund has acted as the 2nd Pillar Central Office.


Following the merger of the existing Benefit Scheme Associations to form the Swiss Pension Fund Association (ASIP), the composition of the Union for Implementation of the LOB Guarantee Fund changed accordingly. Alongside ASIP, other members are still the Swiss Insurance Association, the Union of Equalisation Fund Associations and the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks.


Adoption by the Federal Council of the new ordinance on the LOB Guarantee Fund (SFV).


With effect from 1 January 1997, insolvency cover was extended to the non-compulsory benefits (up to a maximum limit). At the same time the statutory basis was created to guarantee the benefits at the level of an insured group. The LOB Guarantee Fund must now also cover the general deficit of the LOB Supplemental institution.


The Swiss Supreme Court in its ruling of 27 January supported the practice of the Guarantee Fund of safeguarding benefits at the level of groups of insured but regarded the statutory basis for this as inadequate. It further held that the Guarantee Fund safeguards benefits and not contributions; it follows that no guarantee is provided for risk contributions, administrative costs, etc.


The registered occupational benefit schemes settled contributions to the Guarantee Fund for the first time. The contribution rate was 0.2% of the remuneration coordinated under LOB. In 1987 benefits were paid out for the first time in the amount of CHF 34,215.00 in a case of insolvency.


The Federal Council adopted the ordinance on the management of the Guarantee Fund (SFV 2).


On 17 May, the Foundation Board of the LOB Guarantee Fund adopted a regulation and on 16 December it empowered the Union for the implementation of the LOB Guarantee Fund to collect the resources of the Guarantee Fund. This Union consists of the Inter-Cantonal Personal Benefits Association, the Conference of Business Managers for the Insurance of Persons, the Swiss Association for Private Personal Benefits, the Union of Occupational Benefit Schemes organised in associations, the Swiss Association of Private Life Insurers, the Union of the Equalisation Fund Association and the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks.


After the top-level organisations had found it impossible to agree on a solution for the LOB Guarantee Fund, the Federal Council set up the Foundation by means of an Ordinance of 17 December (SFV 1).


Adoption of the LOB under which the top-level organisations of employees and employers set up the jointly administered LOB Guarantee Fund Foundation. The tasks of the LOB Guarantee Fund are to pay subsidies in respect of unfavourable age structures, to secure statutory benefits in the event of insolvency of a benefit scheme and to accept the costs incurred by the Supplemental institution in relation to the compulsory affiliation of employers.