Information on occupational benefits

Which persons are insured?

Under the insurance obligation for occupational benefits in place since 1985, employees 25 years and older must be insured for retirement benefits, provided that their annual income is CHF 22,050 (as of 01.01.2023) or higher.

This threshold has been raised continuously over the years. In 1985 the threshold was still CHF 16,560 and in 2003 CHF 25,230. As of 2005, the affiliation threshold was lowered from CHF 25,800 under the old rules to CHF 19,350.

You can check on the salary statement which is handed to you whether contributions for occupational benefits have been deducted. You should receive an attestation from the appropriate benefit scheme or portable benefits foundation (insurance certificate, policy) which gives you information about the benefits to which you are entitled.

Both the employer and the appropriate benefit scheme are required to give you information on this matter. If you know the address of the benefit scheme, please contact it directly.


Three types of benefits are insured in the occupational benefits. On the one hand, benefits upon reaching retirement age (retirement pensions or lump-sum) and, on the other hand, benefits upon the occurrence of an insured event (death or disability) before reaching retirement age (survivors' and disability benefits).