Unregistered benefit schemes

The Lüthi Joinery/Window Factory has its own benefit scheme for executive staff

This scheme operates a savings fund giving benefits higher than thecompulsory figures for executives. Pension benefits are paid onretirement and in the event of disability or death of an insured person.
This scheme only settles up with the Guarantee Fund in respect of Part B.

  • Only Part B is to be completed with the help of the balance sheet, operating account and notes to the annual statement of accounts.

  • Enter the total of regulatory termination benefits pursuant to Art. 2 FZG on line 3.1. Add the corresponding reporting date 31.12.xx. As a rule, this is 31.12 of the assessment year. In an exceptional case the latest calculated value according to Art. 24 FZG applies.
  • Enter the total pensions paid (retirement, disability, spouse, children and orphan’s pensions) from the operating account or pension accounts of the assessment year on line 3.2 and multiply by 10.
  • Enter the total from lines 3.1 and 3.2 on line 3.3 and the contribution of 0.005% calculated on the total of line 3.3 on line 3.4 on the right outer side.
  • Transfer the value from lines 3.4 to line 4.1.
  • Stamp and signatures of the benefit scheme and auditor, send in the form and pay the contribution due.