Exchange of data with CCO

New requirements for the exchange of information between pension funds and the Central Compensation Office of the AHV (CCO) will come into force in mid-2024. It is important to note that the existing direct enquiry options of the 2nd pillar institutions with the CCO regarding the Swiss OASI number (AHV number)  and proof of life (UPIViewer and UPIServices) will continue as before. This means that data will not be exchanged via the LOB Guarantee Fund in future either. The current option of requesting information on pensioners from the CCO via e-mail ( using a password-protected Excel file will only be available until the end of this year.

In order to clarify benefit entitlements, additional information can now be requested from the CCO on the basis of Art. 58a LOB. These clarifications are carried out via the LOB Guarantee Fund. The number of enquiries per day that can be submitted to the CCO is limited. A portal solution comparable to the portal for the annual notification of persons with a credit balance with the 2nd Pillar Central Office in December will be made available. The data (register number of the pension fund and 13-digit national insurance number) must be provided in csv format. Access to the Guarantee Fund portal is via two-step identification.