Tasks according to Art. 56 LOB

Art. 56 LOB assigns the following tasks to the Guarantee Fund:

  • Payment of subsidies to benefit schemes to which employers with an unfavourable age structure are affiliated (Letter a).
  • Safeguarding the statutory and regulatory benefits of schemes which have become insolvent (Letters b and c).
  • Safeguarding statutory benefits in the event of dormant credit balances of liquidated benefit schemes (Letter b).
  • Compensation for the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution in respect of the costs incurred by it on the basis of its activity under Art. 11, para. 2bis and Art. 60, para. 2, LOB as well as under Art. 4, para. 2 of the Vesting Law of 17 December 1993 (FZG) which cannot be rolled over to the party which has caused them (Letter d).
  • Filling gaps which arose for the benefit schemes in the event of a partial or total liquidation occurring within five years within the entry into force of the Vesting Law of 17 December 1993 by reason of the application of that Act (letter e).
  • Management of the 2nd Pillar Central Office (Letter f).
  • Liaison Office with the Member States of the European Union and the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) (Letter g).